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Family Financial Freedom
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Services And Products Highlights  

 ​As financial brokers associated with the largest distributor  we have access to variety of affordable, high quality financial products from more than 140 Canadian financial institutions including all major banks, insurance companies and investment houses

Basic Financial Products

 for Families

Life Insurance,

Disability Insurance, Illness Insurance,

Mortgage Insurance,

Investments, Segregated Funds,.


and much more...

Business and Professionals

Small Business Insurance,

Commercial Insurance,

Group Health Plans,

Business Overhead Insurance,

Illness and disability insurance for professionals,

Key Personnel Insurance,

Succession Insurance.

SMART Integrated Financial Strategies

Investment-insurance hybrids,

Secure and predictable investments,

Innovative retirement strategies,

Your Own Tax-Free Pension Plan,

Tax-Free Wealth and Estate build-up,

Debts mitigation and avoidance,

Become free from debts to others,

Recover money you spent,

Make your child/grandchild a millionaire.


Many of our products offer

investment capital and death guarantees,

protection against creditors, bankruptcy seizure and estate taxes

We have exclusivity rights to many insurance and investments products not available at banks or other financial institutions.