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Family Financial Freedom
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Why Family Financial Freedom

We are a team of licenses financial advisors representing multiple and complementary specialization and expertise.

Our Mission is to make a difference for families by helping them build wealth for themselves and for other families.

We want to share with people our financial concepts, so they can increase their cash flow, manage their debts, create an emergency fund, provide proper protection for the family, build long term assets and preserve their estate.

We are associated with one of the world largest distribution of financial products and services.

We are independent brokers. Unlike our competition and popular financial institutions, we do not have our own products. As your independent advisers, we are able to offer you an unbiased financial plan, helping you to select the most suitable products available on the market to meet your financial goals

Through our association and partnerships with over 140 Canadian financial institutions, including all major banks, investment houses and top tier insurance companies,we have access to a vast variety of high quality financial instruments to suit all your needs.

The financial products we offer you are fully backed-up by respectable financial institutions and are compliant with provincial and federal regulations.

By helping you implement a comprehensive financial strategy fitting your needs and your situation we’ll help you manage and eliminate your debts, protect you in case of misfortune, and grow your money in a safe and predictable way.

Your funds will not be “seized” and placed in a mysterious portfolio like it often happens with other wealth managers: with us you are in full control of your money and have access to full information at any time.

Do not worry about consultation fees because there aren't any. Contrary to other financial service providers we do not charge you administration fees and our consultation are always free, confidential and with no obligations.